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 Topic: GeForce 7600 GT 1500uF 6.3V FZ71 - Bad Capacitors
GeForce 7600 GT 1500uF 6.3V FZ71 - Bad Capacitors [message #304] Wed, 10 November 2010 01:44
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I had the same problem many people are having with the GeForce 7600 GT video cards. I had 2 x GeForce 7600 GT cards in the same machine (...running 4 monitors...). The 1500uF capacitors are all crap. They probably cheaped out on them when manufacturing. On one card I had 2 caps blown across the inductor. But I pulled all of the 1500uF 6.3V caps on the board and tested them all. ALL of them failed their leakage test. So the best thing to do on those is to replace them all. Even if they look good, replace them. The 1000uF 16V cap tested fine. Cards work great afterwards...
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 Topic: Beijing allows guide dogs on subway
Beijing allows guide dogs on subway [message #3167] Mon, 30 November 2015 06:16
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html模版Beijing allows guide dogs on subway
BEIJING - Beijing on Friday started allowing visually impaired passengers to take guide dogs onto the subway, while blind rights advocates continue to urge greater accessibility for the dogs in the city's public transportation system. The widely praised change was the result of a subway management regulation approved by the Chinese capital last year, which took effect on Friday. The regulation also bans begging, performing and handing out fliers and threatens violators with fines. Chen Yan, a blind piano tuner and campaigner,Louis Vuitton Wallets, got some curious stares from other passengers as she entered the Tiantongyuan station on Line 5 with her guide dog Jenny on Friday. With the help of subway employees, Chen and her dog entered a carriage designed for disabled passengers and later transferred to Line 2 to arrive at Beijing Railway Station. Guide dogs are a rare sight in China. Only about 70 guide dogs are in service in the country, which is home to 16.9 million visually impaired people, and the animals are often denied entry to public transportation. Chen said the city still lacks regulations on bus travel for guide dogs and it is common for them to be turned down by taxi drivers. Crowdedness on the trains, especially during the morning and evening rush hours, poses another challenge for blind passengers who want to ride the subway with their guide dogs, said a blind translator and campaigner using the nickname "Candie's Mom." Shanghai and Chengdu have passed similar regulations to allow guide dogs on the subway.
 Topic: Trimble Placer GPS 450 Power - Dis-assembly
Trimble Placer GPS 450 Power - Dis-assembly [message #3044] Fri, 11 July 2014 22:57
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I recently acquired a large quantity of the Trimble Placer 450 GPS units for my local ares/races group. None of them came with power cords.

Research let me to this forum but the connector wasn't easy to obtain. Another resource showed me that this is a min-xlr connector, a Switchcraft TA3 connector and the female version would be needed. Again, the connectors were $7+ a piece. Trimble themselves want to charge me $20 per cable. I love my group, but every penny counts.

I said screw it. I'll do what I've done before when companies don't make it easy. I decided to figure out the layout of the pins and simply remove the connectors. You can either put in your own connector or do what I did and hardired it with a pigtail.

NOTE: If you have some of these and want to get rid of them, my local ares/races group is looking for more.

DISCLAIMER: It's not my fault if you screw something up so don't blame me! I'm only sharing my experience. If you don't know what you are doing, seek the assistance of someone who does. If you are drunk, stoned, or just don't have steady hands, I don't recomend this.

Here's how to get it done:

1) remove the series of screws on the top of the GPS
2) remove the series of screws on the bottom of the GPS
3) remove the nuts and serial stands from the front of the unit. One nut and washer from the antenna connector, two stands per serial port (6 total in my unit), one nut from the power connector. The unit should seperate easily now.
4) remove the 4 screws holding the PCB to the bottom of the case.
5) pinch closed the tension fittings. They look like odd phillips screws with 4 quarters of a post. There is one on the upper left and mid right.
6a) remove the power connector. I broke both sides of the plastic holder. I then pulled the plug itself until it was verticle. I then snipped the 3 conductors and continued to remove the plastic holder.
6b) break out the soldering iron and remove the broken conductors from the 3 solder pands.

BEFORE I CONTINUE: The 3 pads on the PCB look like a triable. One on the top and two immediatly below it. The top pad is (positive) + and is the ignition sense. The bottom left pad is regular (positive) + power. The lower right pad is (negative) -. You need to combine the ignition sense AND postive in order to keep it fully on. You can use the ignition sense if you want to wire it into your car. It uses approx. 300mA, the manual on Trimble's website yields more information. Each hole in the PCB on the solder pads are rather small.. I went through 3 sizes of wire before I used some wires from a Cat5e Ethernet cable.

7) grab the soldering iron and solder the leads into the holes on the pads. Make sure not to bridge surface traces.
8a) secure your soldered leads. I used a combination of silicone and "welders" glue. I also soldered my leads to larger more flexible wires so I could secure the solder points and use more flexible wire for remote power.
8b) reassemble, apply 12v DC, and enjoy.

NOTE: You need to configure the gps to do NMEA output. It does not do this by default unless someone has configured the unit for you. As you may already know, this gps REQUIRES an external GPS antenna. They can be found for less than $20 on ebay. Please refer to the owner's manual. It's full of useful information.

73's KC9LFD - kc9lfd at kc9lfd dot org (yes, hard to remember I know... you may want to write it down and post it on the fridge
 Topic: What is APRS?
What is APRS? [message #99] Sun, 21 January 2007 20:15
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Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) is an amateur radio based automatic position reporting system for tracking and digital communications, and was developed by Bob Bruninga, callsign WB4APR, at the United States Naval Academy.

In its simplest implementation, APRS is used to transmit real-time reports of the exact location of a person or object via a data signal sent over amateur radio frequencies. In addition to real-time position reporting capabilities using the Global Positioning System, APRS is also capable of transmitting a wide variety of data, including weather reports, short text messages, radio direction finding bearings, telemetry data, and storm forecasts. Once transmitted, these reports can be combined with a computer and mapping software to show the transmitted data superimposed with great precision upon a map display.

In its most widely used form, APRS is transported over the AX.25 protocol using 1200 baud Bell 202 audio frequency-shift keying on frequencies located within the amateur 2-meter band - usually 144.390 MHz in North America, 145.175 MHz in Australia, 144.575 MHz National APRS Freq and 144.650 digipeaters New Zealand please check with locals as there is no set coverage of any APRS Freq through out NZ, 144.930 MHz in Argentina, 145.570 in Brazil and 144.80 MHz throughout Europe. An extensive digital repeater, or "digipeater" network provides transport for APRS packets on these frequencies. Internet gateway stations (i-Gates) connect the on-air APRS network to the APRS Internet System (APRS-IS), which serves as a worldwide, high-bandwidth backbone for APRS data. Stations can tap into this stream directly, and a number of databases connected to the APRS-IS allow web-based access to the data as well as more advanced data mining capabilities. A number of low-earth orbiting satellites and the International Space Station are capable of relaying APRS data.
 Topic: APRS Frequencies
APRS Frequencies [message #98] Sun, 21 January 2007 20:10
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A Radio Amateur installation would use a 2-meter transmitter and TNC.; The new APRS frequency of 2-meter is 144.39 MHz.
Although I have seen other frequencies used by other clubs, this is the common frequency.

I used the PSK31 device on this site to decode APRS packets. The link to this homebrew device is:

TrueTTY will decode the APRS transmissions. This can be downloaded at:


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 Topic: Press center now ready for 'two sessions'
Press center now ready for 'two sessions' [message #3166] Mon, 30 November 2015 06:15
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html模版Press center now ready for 'two sessions' The press center for the Third Session of the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee and the Third Session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) is ready for the opening of the annual sessions in Beijing, Feb. 27,[url= itton-shoes-c-135.html]Louis Vuitton Shoes[/url], 2015. The CPPCC and NPC sessions will start on Mar. 3 and Mar. 5 respectively. [Photo/Chinanews]
 Topic: Political advisors urge safe development of nuclear power
Political advisors urge safe development of nuclear power [message #3165] Mon, 30 November 2015 06:13
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html模版 Political advisors urge safe development of nuclear power BEIJING - China's national political advisors on Thursday called for steadily promoting the development of nuclear electric power and clean energies while ensuring security.Developing nuclear power and clean energies and restructuring energy use are big issues for China's sustainable economic development and environment protection,[url= ]Louis Vuitton Outlet[/url], advisors said at a biweekly symposium of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, attended the symposium and exchanged ideas with the advisors.Advisors said that China should optimize the overall layout of nuclear power projects as well as develop hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power.Authorities should reinforce nuclear security monitoring and never allow the occurrence of nuclear leaks, the advisors said.
 Topic: Arduino Uno32 Bootloader Reprogramming
Arduino Uno32 Bootloader Reprogramming [message #985] Mon, 05 September 2011 20:29
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Some Ardruino boards were shipped with bad bootloaders. When you try to burn a new program, the programmer will throw an error like this:

avrdude: verifihoneyion error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000
0x0c != 0xff
avrdude: verifihoneyion error; content mismatch

Many people are having these problems with these boards. If you are having these problems you need to burn a new bootloader.

Connect to the Uno32 with a terminal program (like puttytel). Set the baud rate to whatever COM port the Uno32 is connected to and use 115200 for the baud rate. As soon as you connect, type !!! and then you should see something like this:

Explorer stk500V2 by MLS V1.0

Then type ? (question mark)

Bootloader>? CPU stats
Explorer stk500V2 by MLS V1.0
Compiled on = Apr 24 2011
CPU Type = 32MX320F128H
GCC Version = 3.4.4 Microchip MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 MCUs v1.11(A)-2010050 4
DEVID = 5090A053

You will see the compile date.. This bootloader in this example was bad.

After the new bootloader was burned (file is attached). The problem should disappear. You must cycle the power. If you connect the Uno32 again with a terminal you will see the new compile date.

How do you reprogram the Arduino Uno32 bootloader?

This is a good question. There isn't anything that has a very good documentation for doing this. Some posts may tell you to return the board. If you can't understand the following, then it would be better to send the board back. BUT, this type of thing should really be learned if one isn't sure how to do this.

First the Arduino Uno32 board that was purchased, didn't have any pins installed (soldered) on the board for the ICSP section. You must take solder a 6 pin header to the board in order to use it.. I do not know why they didn't come with it in the first place. You can get header pins from Mouser or Digi-Key.

Then you will need a programmer that will program via the ICSP. A PICkit 2 in this case was used to reprogram the bootloader. A 12V power supply (doesn't need 12V, 9V will probably do just fine) was used to power the Arduino Uno32 board while this was being accomplished. If you don't power the Uno32 board, you will probably be drawing too much current for both the PICKit and the Arduino board. Hooking them in series to program will fail. The PICkit software will throw an error message saying the voltage is too low or wrong as soon as you load the program.

Open the PICkit software while the equipment is hooked up, load the hex file and burn! The Uno32 board needs to be restarted when completed. This should complete the process. If you don't have a PICkit, you can use any other programmer than has an ICSP port.

Hope this helps anyone that is having problems with their Arduino Uno32 boards... It isn't so intuitive and there isn't very much supporting documentation for it...
Arduino Uno32 ICSP
Arduino Uno32 ICSP

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 Topic: PIC Assembler Directives
PIC Assembler Directives [message #80] Sun, 01 October 2006 20:03
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PIC Assembler Language Directives

Assembler directives are instructions that direct the assembler to do something.

Directives do many things; some tell the assembler to set aside space for variables, others tell the assembler to include additional source files, and others establish the start address for your program. The directives available are shown below:

= Assigns a value to a symbol (same as EQU)

EQU Assigns a value to a symbol (same as =)

ORG Sets the current origin to a new value. This is used to set the program or register address during assembly. For example, ORG 0100h tells the assembler to assemble all subsequent code starting at address 0100h.

DS Defines an amount of free space. No code is generated. This is sometimes used for allohoneying variable space.

ID Sets the PIC's identifihoneyion bytes. PIC16C5x chips have two ID bytes, which can be set to a 2-byte value. Newer PICs have four 7-bit ID lohoneyions, which can be filled with a 4-character text string.

INCLUDE Loads another source file during assembly. This allows you to insert an additional source file into your code during assembly. Included source files usually contain common routines or data. By using an INCLUDE directive at the beginning of your program, you can avoid re-typing common information. Included files may not contain other included files. NOTE: The Device Include directive (i.e. INCLUDE 'C:\PicTools\' ) for the targeted device MUST be at the beginning of your source code.

FUSES NOTE that FUSE CONFIGURATIONs can be '&' together on a single line and/or spread between multiple lines. ALL FUSES directives are ANDed together to create the composite FUSE CONFIGURATION. (view the device "include" file for specific fuse syntax)

IF Assembles code if expression evaluates to TRUE.

IFNOT Assembles code if expression evaluates to FALSE.

ELSE Assembles code if preceeding evaluation is rejected.

ENDIF Ends conditional evaluation.

RESET Sets the reset start address. This address is where program execution will start following a reset. A jump to the given address is inserted at the last lohoneyion in memory. After the PIC is reset, it starts executing code at the last lohoneyion, which holds the jump to the given address. RESET is only available for PIC16C5x chips.

EEORG Sets the current data EEPROM origin to a new value. This is used to set the data EEPROM address during assembly. This directive usually precedes EEDATA. EEORG is only available for PICs that have EEPROM memory .

EEDATA Loads data EEPROM with given values. This provides a means of automatically storing values in the data EEPROM when the PIC is programmed. This is handy for storing configuration or start-up information. EEDATA is only available for PICs that have EEPROM memory.

Assembler Directive Examples

Include 'C:\PICTOOLS\' ; loads default symbols
; for the targeted device.
FUSES _WD_OFF&_LP_OSC ; specify multiple fuse settings
; using the '&' operator.
FUSES _CP_ON ; Specifies 1 fuse setting per line.
Digit = 43h ; Assign value 43h to Digit
Max EQU 1Ah ; Assign value 1Ah to Max
>ORG 10h ; Set assembly address to 10h
Count DS 2 ; Define 2 bytes at 10h & 11h
; Bytes can be referred to
; later as Count and Count+1
ID 1234h ; Set 16C5x ID to 1234h
ID "ABCD" ; Set newer PIC ID to 'ABCD'
INCLUDE "KEYS.SRC" ; Include KEYS.SRC file at
; point of insertion
RESET Start ; Set 16C5x reset jump to
; lohoneyion at Start
Start mov Count,#00 ; This will be executed
; when PIC is reset
EEORG 10h ; Set EEPROM address to 10h
EEDATA 02h,88h,34h ; Store 3 bytes in EEPROM

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 Topic: PIC Assembly Language Commands
PIC Assembly Language Commands [message #59] Sun, 21 May 2006 23:55
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PIC Assembly Language Commands







Add Literal to W




Add W to file




And Literal with W




And W with file




Clear a bit from file




Set a bit in file




Test bit in file, skip next if clear (0)




Test bit in file, skip next if set (1)




Call subroutine




Set file to 0




Set W to 0




Clear watchdog timer




Complement (Invert) file




Decrement file




Decrement file, skip next if zero




Goto line number




Increment file




Increment file, skip next if zero




(Inclusive) OR literal with W




(Inclusive) OR W with file




Move literal to W




Move file to W




Move W to file




No operation

Do nothing



Copies W into Option register

To be discontinued



Return from handling interrupt




Return with a literal in W




Return from subroutine




Rotate a file left




Rotate a file right




Enter 'sleep' mode




Subtract literal from W




Subtract W from file




Swap 2 files




Configure ports as I/O

To be discontinued



(Exclusive) OR literal with W




(Exclusive) OR W with file


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 Topic: Enhanced Willem Programmer
Enhanced Willem Programmer [message #48] Tue, 04 April 2006 01:46
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I purchased an Enhanced Willem Programmer to read and program chips. It is probably one of the best programmers I have used yet. Although I do wish the documentation was better! If anyone is looking for a programmer that will program PIC chips, I recommend this programmer. Of course before purchasing, make sure it will handle the chips you are looking to program.

In order to use this programmer to program some PIC chips, you do need to use the ICSP pins. The easiest way i think would be to get a 5 pin connector (to match the ICSP header on the PCB) and a 28 or 40 pin socket. Solder the 5 wires to the connector then solder the other sides to the chip socket in the right order (of course).

Here is the 5pin ICSP header to a 28 pin PIC chip's connection:

Vpp <--------> Pin 1
Vdd <--------> Pin 20
GND <--------> Pin 19
RB7 <--------> Pin 28
RB6 <--------> Pin 27

Here is the 5pin ICSP header to a 40 pin PIC chip's connection:

Vpp <--------> Pin 1
Vdd <--------> Pin 32
GND <--------> Pin 31
RB7 <--------> Pin 40
RB6 <--------> Pin 39

Here is the 5pin ICSP header to a 18 pin PIC chip's connection:

Vpp <--------> Pin 4
Vdd <--------> Pin 14
GND <--------> Pin 5 (Vss)
RB7 <--------> Pin 13
RB6 <--------> Pin 12

I hope this helps any newbies. Don't forget to look at the chip's datasheet though. It MAY or MAY NOT be different. It is always better to make sure the pinouts are the same. This Enhanced Willem Programmer is awesome! After reading most frustrated forum posters, I have come to realize that it is easier to get mad at someone else than to try to solve the problem. Most of the problems I have had with the programmer is LACK of documentation. Other than that, I have gotten it to read and program many different chips. Hats off to the developers of this programmer. It is very nice for the money! If anyone else finds this post helpful, PLEASE pbass it on. The documentation on these should be better written!


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 Topic: Senior SW China official to stand trial for corruption
Senior SW China official to stand trial for corruption [message #3164] Mon, 30 November 2015 06:12
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html模版Senior SW China official to stand trial for corruption XI'AN - A court in northwest China will hear the corruption case of Liao Shaohua, a former senior official in Southwest China's Guizhou province, on Jan 22.The Intermediate People's Court of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, said in a statement that it will hear the trial of Liao, former Communist Party chief of Zunyi city in Guizhou.Prosecutors have filed bribery charges, accusing Liao of taking advantage of his position to seek profits for others and accepting large amounts of money or gifts in bribes.Liao was also charged with abuse of power resulting in huge losses to public property.Liao is among a number of senior officials brought down after the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China (CPC) dispatched inspectors to scrutinize local governments, large state-owned enterprises and public institutions last year.After taking the helm of the CPC in November 2012 and later as the country's top leader in March 2013, Xi Jinping vowed to fight corruption and harmful work styles,[url= s-vuitton-sunglasses-c-133.html]Louis Vuitton Sunglasses[/url], calling on the entire Party to stay on full alert against corruption.
 Topic: PLA drill applies China's own GPS
PLA drill applies China's own GPS [message #3151] Mon, 30 November 2015 03:15
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html模版,[url= r-vests-womens-c-114.html]Moncler Vests Womens[/url]PLA drill applies China's own GPS A model of the Beidou navigation system is displayed during Airshow China 2012 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, in this 2012 file photo. [Photo/IC] NANNING -- The People's Liberation Army (PLA) finished a two-day drill on Friday, testing application of China's independently developed global satellite navigation system in combat in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The military used the Beidou Navigation Satellite System for precise positioning and navigating, real-time location reporting and data transmission over long distances, according to a news release from the PLA General Staff Headquarters. It said that Beidou has allowed the armies to be more precise in command, weapon firing and logistics and that the technology has "been integrated into the PLA's modern command system and weapon platform". Beidou is the Chinese equivalent of the United States' NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System. Currently, Beidou owns 20 satellites.
 Topic: Xi welcomes Japan delegation but warns against historical distortion
Xi welcomes Japan delegation but warns against historical distortion [message #3140] Thu, 26 November 2015 03:29
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html模版Xi welcomes Japan delegation but warns against historical distortion President Xi Jinping gives a speech during the China-Japan friendship exchange meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, May 23, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]President Xi Jinping extended a warm welcome to an unusually large Japanese delegation in Beijing on Saturday while also sending a warning against to any attempt to distort Japan's wartime history.The delegation of about 3,000 people, headed by a heavyweight figure from Japan's ruling party, marks the largest mission between the two countries since the relationship became frosty in September 2012.Xi made the remarks during a high profile event aiming at expanding China-Japan exchanges at the Great Hall of the People.The root of China-Japan friendship comes from the public, and the future of the relationship is in the hands of the people, Xi said at the ceremony in downtown Beijing.China attaches great importance to the relationship and would like to work with the Japanese side to promote friendly neighborhood and cooperation, based on the four political documents between the two countries, he said.The delegation that arrived in Beijing on Friday included heads of local governments and big enterprises. It is widely seen as the latest sign of thawing relations between China and Japan, dealings that have been hit by territorial rows and historical issues.Xi said this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and the war's victims,[url= mens-coats-c-105.html]Moncler Womens Coats[/url], including China, will never accept words and actions by the Japanese side that distort history.Toshihiro Nikai, head of the delegation and chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's General Council, said all the members joined the delegation voluntarily.He underscored the importance of increasing mutual understanding between both countries' younger generations, pledging to work with the Chinese side for the relationship's development.Tourism chilled after the Japanese government illegally "purchased" China's Diaoyu Islands in September 2012.In 2013, the number of Chinese tourists to Japan had dropped 6.5 percent year on year to 1.83 million. The number has surged recently, with more than 2.4 million Chinese tourists visiting Japan last year.  
 Topic: Why install a computer in the car? (Carputer)
Why install a computer in the car? (Carputer) [message #3112] Tue, 16 June 2015 01:31
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I am a programmer, electronics engineer, and overall interested in Ham Radio. So add all those together and your mind starts to play fantasy land. I custom built the computer to fulfill several applications. I wanted something with 4 serial ports, something that will auto-shutdown and power up with ignition, of course be touch screen compatible, and have Bluetooth and internet capable. The serial ports are to control a couple of Ham Radios that I will be stashing around in the vehicle. Also, one port is for a GPS antenna that will be available for navigation. I have an application that I am writing specifically for Hams so this is also for experimenting.

The motherboard is a Jetway with a serial add-on board and a Bluetooth/Wireless combo card. The hard drive is a 256GB solid state drive and the case is a M350 Mini-ITX with a PicoPSU that controls the power.

In the dash behind the monitor is a Directed Electronics HD Radio with a mini 30W amp. The HD Radio is controlled by a MJS USB Interface.

I have a mini, wireless Visiontek keyboard in case I don't want to use the touchscreen...

The OS is Windows 8.1 (I had originally had Ubuntu and traded it out because of the software availability), and I am currently using RideRunner for the HD Radio interface. Since it has Windows 8.1, you can do anything like view pictures, play movies (of course not while driving, but will still work if someone in the back seat wanted to watch), MP3s, etc..

What is the reason for a carputer? For one big reason, I can drive around and the computer will connect to any open networks and give me internet in the car. If wanted, I could put a cellular modem in it to have constant internet is needed. It is capable of giving me the options to re-program any of my Ham Radios without having to take them out of the car or drag a laptop into the car. I have one Motorola that has the plug directly installed in the back of the radio so I can re-program it at anytime. I will also be hooking up a odb2 monitor.

I am also writing an applihoneyion that will sync any MP3s from my server to the carputer when internet is available. This way, I setup my music and playlists from anywhere and I receive them for the ride!

The options are limitless. As long as there is a need, the computer can do it. If you don't like a specific application, you can always change it for another. That is the nice thing about the carputer over a standard radio.

Price? The HD Radio cost $50 on ebay. The Amp cost about $30 new from Amazon. The computer itself probably ran about $500. I would say that if you don't want a hassle and want something super stable, then buying an all in one DVD/NAV system is the way to go. If you like adventure and are good with electronics and computers, then a carputer is the way to go hands down!

As for the knowledge needed to make a carputer, anyone can do it.. It is fun to learn, but there are many things that you have to understand. For example, the power supply needed to be hooked up just right and jumpers needed to be set to get things to work. The cables needed to be routed from under the seat to the console through the floor. All serial cables and usb cables, audio and VGA cables needed to be run through the floor mats also.. There is a lot of planning, like how long the cables need to be, how to connect everything, how the audio will work, what adapters might be needed; ie. what other electronics will be needed to make everything work. So it is complex, and could take time.. But fun and exciting when things work!

At the moment, I am going to be adding a Raspberry Pi to the mix. I will be adding a KVM switch and will be able to switch between the two computers!

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 Topic: Honda Element Carputer Screen Installation
Honda Element Carputer Screen Installation [message #3111] Thu, 11 June 2015 01:01
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I was tired of my stock radio and since everything is driven by computers, it was time to install the carputer in the Honda Element! The screen was purchased off of ebay. It is fully touch and the computer at the moment is stuffed under the passenger seat. There is also a Raspberry Pi under the seat which I might put also behind the dash. But at the moment, there is a KVM switch that will choose between the Raspberry Pi and the Windows Computer.

Honda Element Carputer Touch Screen Installation

There is a small 30W amp and a HD Radio stuffed behind the screen. The brackets were simply made from a piece of aluminum. They were cut, bent and drilled to fit the screen exactly to the dash.

Honda Element Touch Screen Installation

The nice thing about the Honda Element, is that it has plenty of room behind the dash where the stock radio goes. The next thing that has to be done is to create a mixer to control many different audio inputs.

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 Topic: Honda Element Ham Radio Installation
Honda Element Ham Radio Installation [message #3104] Thu, 04 June 2015 00:10
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There isn't much on the web about installing a Ham Radio in a Honda Element. I figured it might be nice to use the forum to show different installations in different vehicles. Here are a few photos and comments to show what I have done.

Honda Element Ham Radio Antenna Installation
Hole Was Drilled and the wire was passed through to the driver's side column and down under the plastic flooring and to the center console where the radio is stored. The only thing with this installation is that you can actually hear a little whistle as you pick up speed.
Honda Element Ham Radio Antenna Installation
A hole was drilled inside the center column to connect the bracket to the column.

Honda Element Ham Radio Antenna Installation
There is a bracket that was used on the ICOM IC-2720. The bracket has a hole in it which makes it perfect to install in this lohoneyion.
The finished product. I will take another picture with it installed. But it works great. The main unit is stuffed under the center console and a external speaker is used for the audio.

Honda Element Ham Radio Antenna Installation

Honda Element Ham Radio Installation

[Updated on: Sat, 13 June 2015 12:24]

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 Topic: China-CELAC trade to hit $500 billion- Xi
China-CELAC trade to hit $500 billion- Xi [message #3161] Mon, 30 November 2015 04:46
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html模版China-CELAC trade to hit $500 billion: Xi
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (C) and Costa Rica's President Luis Guillermo Solis listen to China's President Xi Jinping speak at the opening ceremony of the 1st Ministerial Meeting of China-CELAC Forum at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing January 8, 2015. [Photo/Agencies]BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping set the goal for bilateral trade between China and Latin American, Caribbean countries to reach $500 billion in 10 years.He made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the first ministerial meeting of the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). He said China's direct investment into Latin America will hit $250 billion in the coming decade. China's economy will continue medium to high speed growth in the coming period and provide more opportunities for the world including Latin American and Caribbean states, said the president. The goals were initially discussed during Xi's visit to the region in July 2014. China-CELAC pragmatic cooperation has been expanded since the visit, Xi said, noting he is glad to see that a series of cooperation initiatives is being actively put into place. He said China welcomes active participation in cooperative projects with CELAC members. During last year's visit, Xi and CELAC leaders announced the establishment of the China-CELAC forum. The Chinese president proposed a cooperation framework and several loans,Louis Vuitton Shoes, funds and projects on infrastructure, agriculture, energy resources, manufacturing, high and new technology, people-to-people exchange and other fields. Established in December 2011 in Caracas, Venezuela, CELAC is a block of 33 countries, including all South American countries, some Caribbean states and Mexico.
 Topic: EchoLink Validation and Activation
EchoLink Validation and Activation [message #73] Fri, 08 September 2006 00:24
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Validation and activation

EchoLink is a freeware running under Windows 98/2000/XP, Linux or MacOS that you can download from the Internet. This is a 2.3 MB file that you must install on your PC following the wizard instructions. The applihoneyion is configured in a few seconds.
Here is the website to get the download

The only two conditions to meet are next : you must own a valid ham license (be listed in the callbook or licensed this year) and provide a valid email to EchoLink support team. These two data will be used to valid your access on the system as without them curious and hackers will be already stopped at the portal.

The validation request can be done by fax or letter or sending a copy of your ham certifihoneye (FCC, HAREC or equivalent) by email to the support team. Once your call sign is validated you will receive a node number to assign to your computer and a password to activate your connection to the EchoLink server. Store preciously these information.

The validation delay can last between 1 hour and more than one day. In the worse case the validation is so long because the document you have sent does not proof that you are a licensed amateur.

Once the applihoneyion set up and your call validated, the program will fetch data and will display a kind of Explorer listing users and repeaters currently online as shown above.

[Updated on: Fri, 08 September 2006 00:25]

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 Topic: Cities compete for bullet-train stations
Cities compete for bullet-train stations [message #3159] Mon, 30 November 2015 04:43
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html模版Cities compete for bullet-train stations
A bullet train makes a trial trip in December from Xining to Lanzhou in Northwest China. The Lanxin high-speed railway links Urumqi, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, with Xining, Qinghai province, and Lanzhou, Gansu province. It slashes the travel time from more than 23 hours to just under 12. Cai Zengle / XinhuaLocal governments have been pushing high-speed railway planners to build stations in their jurisdictions.During the annual session of the people's congress of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, which concluded over the weekend, several deputies suggested that China Railway Corp, operator of the nation's rail network, set up at least one station in the Dabancheng district of Urumqi, the regional capital, as part of the plan linking the city to Turpan, local media reported.The absence of a station in the district has long inconvenienced local residents and hinders economic development, lawmakers said.In Xinye, Henan province, a rally in September that attracted more than 10,000 residents asked the central government to put a station in the county along the planned high-speed line connecting the capital, Zhengzhou, with Chongqing.However, the call was turned down by China Railway Corp.Aspirations for a high-speed rail station made allies of Zhuzhou and Xiangtan in Hunan province. They stood together to lobby the railway operator to reserve a station along the Changsha-Xiamen line for each of the cities. The cities competed fiercely for a station on the Wuhan-Guangzhou line.Cai Qinghua, former chairman of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Corp, recalled that some cities along the line even promised to build a station at their own cost, and the company satisfied some local governments' demands by creating stations that were not in the original plan.Whether a city should have a high-speed rail station is decided by the National Development and Reform Commission, the top economic planner, which works with China Railway Corp to make evaluations, said Zhao Jian, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University who specializes in China's railway system."Technically, a bullet train running at an average speed of 300 km/h needs at least 26 km to perform a normal cycle from start to stop, so I think each station should be separated by a minimal distance of 50 km," he said."Many local authorities are fanatical about high-speed railways and believe that a station would definitely bring opportunities and wealth. But if they don't have enough attractions to lure visitors, a station would be a waste of money," Zhao said.Sun Jiuwen, director of the institute of regional and urban economics at Renmin University of China,Louis Vuitton Outlet, said the central government can use the new high-speed rail stations to boost the formation of city clusters."A rail station can help garner resources and facilitate urban development. So if Beijing wants to form a new metropolitan conglomerate based on small cities, it can set up a station for them," he said. "However, the location must be determined with comprehensive calculation, deliberation and prudence to ensure that each city benefits from it."
 Topic: Abducted 'Vietnamese wives' return home
Abducted 'Vietnamese wives' return home [message #3135] Thu, 26 November 2015 02:47
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html模版Abducted 'Vietnamese wives' return home
Abducted Vietnamese women are seen at the border of China and Vietnam when they were returned home Jan 22, 2015. A total of seven abducted women were handed over by Chinese police officers to their Vietnamese counterparts at the Dongxing Port in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region on Thursday. These women had been abducted and sold in Handan in North China's Hebei province as brides for local single men. The youngest victim was just 17,Louis Vuitton Handbags, and the oldest was 32. [Photo/]
 Topic: need help for programing software
need help for programing software [message #216] Thu, 24 December 2009 21:30
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Hi! guys, I bought a Unimo PX400NW UHF portable radio a korean made. I need your expertise to solve my problem. I need a software for this unit so that I could add more frequencies on the vacant channel of the radio. Please those of have this radio and having this programming software please send me in my email add and other compatible software also accepted. Thanks you and waiting to all your help.
Happy New year.

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 Topic: Crab sellers feel pinch from drive to curb corruption
Crab sellers feel pinch from drive to curb corruption [message #3158] Mon, 30 November 2015 04:42
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html模版Crab sellers feel pinch from drive to curb corruption
As sales drop, store owners slash prices for legendary crustaceansIt's been a hard year for Wang Qiang, who has run a store in Beijing's Hepingli community for more than 10 years selling expensive crabs, including the renowned Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.Wang sold more than 250 kg of high-priced crabs and earned about 50,000 yuan ($8,Louis Vuitton Handbags,130) during last year's crab season, which traditionally runs from Mid-Autumn Festival to the following March or April.However, although this year's season has only just started and the first batch of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs arrived in Beijing on Tuesday, Wang thinks that prospects for his business are gloomy."I'm afraid the sales volume may drop by more than 50 percent compared with last year," he said.Wang said people used to buy the crabs as festival gifts rather than to eat at home, because they are expensive. "Now, very few want to buy these crabs to give as presents, with the ongoing Party anti-corruption campaign," he said.The Communist Party of China launched the anti-graft drive after its 18th Party Congress in 2012, and since then a number of senior officials have fallen from grace for corruption.High-end restaurants and high-priced mooncakes have also been affected.Ma Huaide, vice-president of China University of Political Science and Law, said many types of consumption involving public funds have been restricted since 2012, especially after an eight-point code aimed at cutting bureaucracy and maintaining close ties with the public was released.Huang Hua, who owns a Yangcheng Lake hairy crab store in Beijing's Chaoyang district, said she and the store are facing difficult times.Each year before the crab season, the store sold crab vouchers worth several hundred yuan each and customers could use them to buy the famous crustaceans when the season arrived."But this year, we haven't sold any to date," Huang said, adding that the effectiveness of the anti-corruption campaign is clear."I'm worried about paying the rent for our store, because we have been running at a loss for a period," she said.Lan Qin, saleswoman for a Yangcheng Lake crab store on online shopping platform Taobao, said sales of the crabs and vouchers appear to have fallen, but declined to give a specific figure."We have changed the validity period for the vouchers," she said, adding that previously they were valid for the current year, while the vouchers issued this year will be valid forever.Wang has reduced prices to improve sales. He is selling 200-gram large crabs for 80 yuan each this year, compared with 100 yuan previously."I'm not sure whether it will work," he said. "It seems that the good old days may never return again."Ma said that as the anti-corruption campaign continues, related sectors could be in for hard times.An Baijie and Lyu Qiaoye contributed to this story.Eat out royally on the king of crabsFarmers feel the pinch as demand for crabs plummets
 Topic: Sharpen 'Sword of Damocles' with targeted inspections
Sharpen 'Sword of Damocles' with targeted inspections [message #3150] Mon, 30 November 2015 03:13
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html模版Sharpen 'Sword of Damocles' with targeted inspections
BEIJING - China's central authority launched the third round of top-level disciplinary inspections of this year on Tuesday, moving to sharpen the "Sword of Damocles" hanging above those in power. Different from previous inspections, all inspections this round will be carried out with specific targets among 13 state-owned groups, including the Ministry of Culture, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Unicom and Sinopec. Lasting about a month, the third round of inspections will focus on specific aspects of an organization - whether an individual, a certain project, a fund or a specific incident. The method was first used to probe six state-owned groups earlier this year amid efforts to incorporate new styles of disciplinary inspection and maximize deterrence in the fight against corruption. This style of inspection has much simpler procedures with the latest round being expected to take a month rather than the two months for regular inspections. In addition, team members of targeted inspections often come from more diversified background, be it professional inspectors, officials from the CPC disciplinary agency and the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, or part-timers from government organs such as the National Audit Office. China's anti-graft chief Wang Qishan described the targeted inspection as a way to "infer the whole leopard by spying a spot" at a meeting of the central inspection team on Tuesday. Inspectors should find general problems concerning corruption, malpractice, or official promotion by observing a specific problem so as to put a check on undesirable work styles, Wang said. The central authority has so far covered 47 state-owned groups in the previous four rounds of central inspections since the new CPC leadership was inaugurated in 2012 and has found evidence of corruption, leading to punishment of wrongdoers. As there are more than 280 state-owned groups covered by the central inspection team,Moncler Coats Womens, targeted inspection enables the central authority to improve frequency and efficiency. More is needed to be done, however, to nail down and standardize targeted inspections through the legal form to ensure this "Sword of Damocles" a lasting and powerful deterrent.
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 Topic: Exams that baffle best test-takers
Exams that baffle best test-takers [message #3156] Mon, 30 November 2015 03:59
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html模版Exams that baffle best test-takers
The Chinese are allegedly the best test-takers in the world, but still find some exams very difficult. Following are the hard exams most taken or talked about by Chinese.Nearly 10 million take national college entrance examThe national college entrance,Moncler Mens Vests, or gaokao, is one of China's most important exams. Families take it very seriously, since it determines children's higher education opportunities. Students invest vast amounts of time and energy preparing for it.The number of test-takers has been dropping since it peaked at 10.5 million in 2008. This year's total of 9.39 million is 270,000, or 3 percent, more than in 2013. It marked the first increase in five years.About 6.98 million of the students who take this year's test will be admitted, according to an overall plan.Students take the Chinese test at an examination hall in the Guizhou Water Conservatory and Electric Power School in Guizhou province's capital Guiyang on Saturday. Qin Gang / for China Daily
 Topic: Tokyo High Power HL-2.5Kfx
Tokyo High Power HL-2.5Kfx [message #3059] Fri, 13 February 2015 05:57
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Am selling my mint Tokyo High Power HL-2.5Kfx 1.8 MHz to 30 Mhz 1500 Watt legal limit HF amplifier in excellent condition. Asking $3650.00 plus shipping.

icon1.gif  FOR SALE BRAND NEW APPLE iPHONE,SAMSUNG [message #3057] Sun, 01 February 2015 02:54
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 Topic: Yaesu FT-897D complete package for sale
icon1.gif  Yaesu FT-897D complete package for sale [message #3053] Sat, 24 January 2015 20:35
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I have a Yaesu FT-897D, complete package for sale. Package includes: Yaesu FT-897D Transceiver, Yaesu FP-30 120 Volt Power Supply which bolts on to the bottom of the 897D, Yaesu FC-30 Autotuner which bolts onto the left side of the 897D, Yaesu MD-100A8X Desk Microphone, LDG FTL-Large Meter for 897D, Yaesu ADMS-4BU Cable and Software Programmer, and Brand New Nifty Manual for the 897D. It in excellent working condition without no mark, no dent, no scratches or any issue on it. Am asking $1150 plus insured shipping to you. email
ForSale CHEAP PRICE RADIO [message #3022] Mon, 04 November 2013 07:06
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Flex-5000 100 Watt SDR Transceiver ...........$1550 /1175 Euro
ACOM 1000 ....................................$1600 /1215 Euro
AmeritronAL-1500 .............................$2100 /1594 Euro
QRO HF-2500DX 160-10M HF Amp .................$1600 /1215 Euro
ICOM IC-7700 .................................$2200 /1670 Euro
ICOM IC 9100 .................................$1600 /1215 Euro
Icom IC-7000 .................................$750 /569 Euro
Icom IC 775DSP ...............................$1100 /800 Euro
Icom PW-1 ....................................$1700 /1290 Euro
ICOM IC-756-Pro III ..........................$1200 /911 Euro
KENWOOD TS-2000 ..............................$900 /650 Euro
Kenwood TL-922A HF amp .......................$750 /569 Euro
Alpha 9500 ...................................$3000 /2278 Euro
Ten Tec Orion II .............................$1300 /987 Euro
Ameritron A-l 1200 ...........................$800 /607 Euro
Elecraft K2 ..................................$500 /379 Euro
Elecraft K3/100 ..............................$1850 /1404 Euro
Yaesu FTDX 9000MP ............................$5500 /4176 Euro
Yaesu FTDX 5000MP ............................$3500 /2657 Euro
Yaesu FTDX 3000MP ............................$1600 /1215 Euro
Yeasu FT-857D w/ LDG Tuner....................$620 /450 Euro
Yaesu FT920 ..................................$750 /569 Euro

I can ship worldwide.
All radios are in a perfect working condition
+1 8323232144.

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 Topic: FS Icom PW-1 1KW Amp & ICOM IC-756PRO III #MINT
FS Icom PW-1 1KW Amp & ICOM IC-756PRO III #MINT [message #1509] Fri, 12 October 2012 11:05
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Icom PW-1 1KW Amplifier
S/N-02319, this amplifier is in excellent condition! 10/12 meter mod done.
Includes original box, cables and manuals.
Must be a licensed amateur, this will be verified.
Feel free to email with any questions.
COSTS $1800usd

Mint ICOM IC-756PRO III in PERFECT FULL working condition and MINT cosmetics. If has been kept with cover (included) and comes with original box, cables, fuses, etc as new. I have used this radio for a while, and it puts out FULL output and absolutely everything work as it should. I can provide pictures and we can talk on 40 meters.
Costs: $1200usd

Contact : Mr. Jack
Email :
 Topic: FS:Icom PW-1 1KW Amplifier AND KENWOOD TS-950SDX.
FS:Icom PW-1 1KW Amplifier AND KENWOOD TS-950SDX. [message #1274] Thu, 23 February 2012 17:44
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Icom PW-1 1KW Amplifier

S/N-02308, this amplifier is in excellent condition! 10/12 meter mod done.
Includes original box, cables and manuals.
Must be a licensed amateur, this will be verified.
Feel free to email with any questions.



KENWOOD TS-950SDX in excellent condition both electronically and cosmetically. Radio is a late production with serial number in the 90 million range. Non-smoker. Operating manual, hand mic, color sales brochures, and Service Manual (on CD) are all included.


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 Topic: Rohn 100ft SS Tower
Rohn 100ft SS Tower [message #214] Fri, 06 November 2009 09:16
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I have two disassembled Rohn 100 ft towers for sale. Built 09/2004. $5000 each.
 Topic: yaesu ft-411e handheld for sale
yaesu ft-411e handheld for sale [message #180] Thu, 18 September 2008 03:39
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make me an offer

 Topic: Nokia N95 8GB @200usd
Nokia N95 8GB @200usd [message #172] Sun, 27 April 2008 12:46
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Junior Member mpanyId=02581567





Registered No.02581567

We sell a wide range of products. Nokia , Motorola , Samsung , Sony Ericsson , Nextel , Siemens s. Digital Cameras , Nikon Camera, Canon Camera. Games , Xbox 360 , NIntendo , Play Station 2 , Sony PSP's , GBA. PDA.Pocket pc Tomtom Go 700 , Tomtom Go 600 and Tomtom Go 500 Ipods Nano , Ipod Mini , Ipod Shuffle. Laptops/Notebook.and many more, All our product are brand new,
1. Complete accessories(Well packed and sealed in original company box)
2. Unlocked / sim free.

3. Brand new (original manufacturer) box - no copies
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5. All material (software, manual) - car chargers - home chargers - usb
data cables -holsters/belt clips - wireless headsets(bluetooth) -
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If you are interested, forward your questions and enquires to us via
email with your order and shipping details. we give 1 year warranty for
every product sold out to our costumers, our product are company class
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and battery.serious buyers should.
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Best Regards,
 Topic: selling gear,
selling gear, [message #143] Tue, 02 October 2007 13:07
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Yaesu FT-847 great condition, 650.00

Ameritron AL-80B 700.OO

Icom-272OH 150.00

Bird meter (43uhf) 215.00

All items are in original packaging with proper paper work, also owned by a non smoker.

Have other stuff and will list later.
 Topic: trans radio
trans radio [message #92] Mon, 18 December 2006 18:43
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trans diamond radio model 60 23 upper lower asking 350
 Topic: Kenwood TH-22AT
Kenwood TH-22AT [message #72] Tue, 22 August 2006 13:47
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I have a Kenwood TH-22AT handy talkie for sell. Please visit for details.

2 GE BASE UNITS [message #71] Mon, 31 July 2006 01:02
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CHANNEL 1 RX 463.950 TX 468.950 PL 131.8
CHANNEL 2 RX 464.950 TX 469.950 PL 131.8

CHANNEL 1 RX 146.300 TX 147.300 PL 127.3
CHANNEL 2 RX 147.650 TX 148.650 PL 127.3

 Topic: HTX-212 2Meter Radio Shack Mobile
HTX-212 2Meter Radio Shack Mobile [message #4] Wed, 29 December 2004 00:24
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HTX-212 2Meter Radio Shack Mobile - seller is opting out - busniness matter closed - found use for it in house - sorry - Dave

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 Topic: Officials- Majority of foreign drugs sold online fake
Officials- Majority of foreign drugs sold online fake [message #3155] Mon, 30 November 2015 03:58
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html模版 Officials: Majority of foreign drugs sold online fake
China's food and drug authority has issued another warning about overseas drugs sold online, saying that 75 percent of such drugs are counterfeit.The China Food and Drug Administration said in an online statement on Wednesday that the authenticity of generic anti-cancer drugs sold online cannot have their authenticity and quality guaranteed.The authority cited an investigation by the drug administration of Shenzhen that said that 75 percent of foreign generic anti-cancer drugs supplied by online agents are fake and ineffective.Zhi Xiuyi, head of the Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Capital Medical University in Beijing, said Chinese cancer patients turn to online agents mainly for cheap generic drugs and foreign new drugs have not yet been approved in China."Due to the high cost of developing new drugs and getting patents, many newly developed drugs are very expensive. Yet such drugs are included in the medical insurance systems of the EU and the US," he said."Many patients turn to online agents for those drugs because the drugs are too expensive in the domestic market or they are not yet available in the overseas market," he said.As for generic drugs, most that are sold online are imported from India,Moncler Kids, he said.Cancer treatments like Gleevec, which typically cost more than 10,000 yuan ($1,600) a month, are not covered by the medical insurance system, while the cost for the generic treatments is only about 1,000 yuan a month.Zhi said the drugs sold by online agents are risky as they are administered without drug authorities' supervision. "Patients can't tell the difference between genuine drugs and fake drugs as it requires technical expertise and equipment."Peng Donghong, an official with the drug administration of Shenzhen, said the online transactions of drug sales have made it difficult to supervise the market.According to Chinese regulations, online drugstores can sell only nonprescription medicine, and the stores must obtain authorization from drug authorities.To keep patients from resorting to generic drugs, the authority should speed up the approval of foreign drugs into the Chinese market and include more anti-cancer drugs in the healthcare system, Zhi said."There should be a fast track for anti-cancer drugs developed in the US or EU," he said, adding that it now takes several years for the Chinese drug authority to approve any new drug.Meanwhile, the authority should expand the category of anti-cancer drugs covered by healthcare programs to make the drugs more affordable."It is impossible for the government to absorb the entire cost as the drugs are expensive. Thus the cost should be shared by three parties: the government, the patient and the drugmaker," he said.Contact the writers at and
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