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ARRL QST 2007 May

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the ARRL QST 2007 May magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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ARRL QST 2007 May
It Seems to Us: "Most Effective Use"9
David Sumner, K1ZZ
This Just In12
Midnight Madness; In Brief; Media Hits; Inside HQ; more.
Joel P. Kleinman, N1BKE
Adapting a Three Element Tape Measure Beam for Power Line Noise Hunting28
Another clever device to aid in tracking down power line noise.
James T. Hanson, W1TRC
Hydrogen Driven Hams32
Avoid noise pollution on your Field Day by using hydrogen fuel cells.
Rod Klug, KEA, and Scott Tolbert, KCFTG
A Super Duper Five Band Portable Antenna34
An easy-to-build antenna you can take along. The author took his to the Grand Canyon.
Clarke Cooper, K8BP
Learning to PIC with a PIC-EL -- Part 137
An introduction to programmable interface controller technology.
Craig Johnson, AAZZ
Dayton: The Epicenter of Amateur Radio43
What can you expect at Hamvention 2007? Everything!
Tom Holmes, N8ZM
PRB-1 and CC&Rs -- What Should I Do Now?44
You've got the hardware and wherewithal to put up that tower. But do you have the legal right to do so? Maybe...
Dan Henderson, N1ND
The Next Gen Hams: It's Elementary47
With all the fun things young people have today, how can we get them interested in Amateur Radio? One club is making great strides.
Rosalie White, K1STO
Fishpedition I49
A first-hand account of the TI6/KGKD DXpedition that involved a record snook, a duct-taped gator and a bit of radio.
Tom Sowden, TI6/KGKD
The Doctor Is IN51
"Hybrid" transceivers and SWR; dual receivers; more.
Short Takes53
West Mountain Radio RIGtalk USB Interface
Harold Kramer, WJ1B
Explore USB with this USB to CI-V Interface54
Let your radio talk to that new computer.
Mark Spencer, WA8SME
Why is it that CW Works so Well?56
Whether you've passed a 20 WPM code test or hold a code-free license, CW has its advantages.
Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR
Hands-On Radio57
Experiment #52 -- SWR Meters
H. Ward Silver, NAX
The Importance of Being "Square"59
How to use grid squares to enhance your VHF/UHF and satellite operating experience.
Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Hints & Kinks61
Coaxial stubs and antenna resonance; Ten-Tec power supply connectors.
Larry D. Wolfgang, WR1B
Product Review63
Computer sound cards for Amateur Radio, reviewed by Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD.
Mark Wilson, K1RO
Codeless testing generates application avalanche; ARRL files FOI request over FCC and BPL; Hamvention names award winners; ARRL Education Services Manager named; FCC News; more.
Rick Lindquist, N1RL
2007 ARRL Field Day Announcement98
2006 ARRL November CW Sweepstakes Results99
Steve London, N2IC
2007 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Announcement102
IC-746 Pro Ham Radio
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