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Everyday Practical Electronics January 2009

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the Everyday Practical Electronics January 2009 magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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Everyday Practical Electronics January 2009

Barry Fox highlights technology's leading edge - Plus everyday news from the world of electronics

Barry Fox
1000:1 UHF Prescalar10

Extend the range of your frequency counter to over 2.8GHz

Jim Rowe
EPE/Microchip exclusive special offer26

A Microchip PICKit 2 Debug Express Kit for only 9.99 pounds

PIC Resources CD-ROM27

EPE PIC Tutorial V2, plus PIC Toolkit Mk3 and a selection of PIC-related articles

20W Class-A Amplifier Module - Pt. 428

Low-noise preamplifier and rmeote volume control

John Clarke and Greg Swain
Radar Speed Gun - Pt. 240

Construction details

Jim Rowe
Breadboarding Projects54

Part 4 - Clap Switch and Low-Budget Intercom

Malcolm Plant
Ingenuity Unlimited58

Sharing your ideas with others Tuner Control - Digital tuning


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Subscribe to EPE and save money71

Matt Pulzer addresses general points arising

Matt Pulzer
Direct Book Service75

A wide range of technical books available by mail order, plus more CD-ROMs

EPE PCS Service78
Advertisers Index80
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