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73 Amateur Radio March 1983

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73 Amateur Radio March 1983
RTTY Tuning: The New Solution10
This simple tuning indicator whipped the competition and took first place in 73's Home-Brew II Contest
Uncover Equipment for OSCAR Phase III18
lurking in flea markets and junk boxes is everything you need to work OSCAR. K6KLY tells what to look for and how to make it work
Up and Coming: Direct-Broadcast Satellites26
Part II looks at the technical problems with communications at 12 GHz, which may be a offset by the advantages
The Fun-Vac: A Synthesis of Old and New32
This one-tube transmitter combines the circuits of the fifties With the technology of the eighties. It also keeps your coffee warm
Adventure in Sarawak42
Two DXpediuoners journey to the land of headhunters - and send a signal to the rest of the world
Put 2 Meters in Your Shirt Pocket46
Radio Shack's Pocket weather radio makes a dandy 2-meter receiver. A few quick modifications will get it right on target
The Secret Telemetry of OSCAR 852
Do those numbers from the sky mean anything? You bet
Scandinavia: The 2-Meter Dream Vacation58
Licensing frequencies, and procedures- it's all here. All you need is a plane ticket
Twisted Remote Control64
This circuit is easy to build and easy to use. The twist is that you probably own the most important part
Take Your IC's Temperature70
Like people, solid-state devices get sick if they get too hot. W3KBM provides a way to answer the burning question, "How hot is hott"
The Q-Master Cavity Filter74
A high-Q filter that uses no copper and no silver-plating- just coffee cans and some ingenious thinking
Push Your Radar Detector to the limit86
Without this simple modification, you won't know what you are missing - until it's too late
Personalize the M600 RTTY Program94
Now you can design and save your own version of this popular software parkage. All it takes is a POKE or two
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