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73 Amateur Radio April 1983

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73 Amateur Radio April 1983
New England's Nicad Per-Charger0
Build this and get state-of-charge readout, automatic shutdown, and charge maintenance for your HT. This could be the gift of life for your battery pack
Pedal Power: A Perfect Field-Day Generator12
This bicycle-driven power source is easy to build and guaranteed to get you in shape. No heavy breathing into the mike, please
No-Crash Autopatch20
Dialing and driving don't mix. Build this autodialer and let its fingers do the walking-not yours
Turn Mobile-Rig Whine into a Whimper30
From brute-force filtering to solid-state regulation, K4AJQ has the answers to mobile noise
Exploit the Hidden Interfaces of the TRS-8032
Sound synthesis, a programmable timed on-off switch, and a CW keyer are all hidden in the TRS-80 You just have to look in the right place
Immortalize Your IC-2AT Battery Pack40
Why waste your nicads when you're in the car? Build this miniature power supply and your batteries will last forever
Unlock the New Electronic Mailboxes44
MSOs are at the forefront of amateur radio's vast communications revolution. WB7QWC shows you how to tune In, log on, and not drop out
How E.T. Really Called Home52
If it were not for an inventive ham, E.T. might still be trying. In this exclusive article, the designer of the little guy's communicator unveils its Inner workings
Buyer's Guide to Dayton56
From securing accommodations to planning your expenses, WA4BPI helps you make the most of your Hamvention buck
The Best Way to Mount Your Mobile Rig64
If you have a van and HF gear, this is what you need to put them together- including a movable mount
The Florida T-R Switch83
Get your 2m amplifier out of the way- without a relay
Build the Deadeye Dish Controller84
Tired of taking potshots at satellites? With the flick of a switch this easy-to-build rotator will hit the bull's-eye every time
The Ultimate Protection Plan for Your HT92
Bangs, bumps, scrapes, and crashes make life tough for HTs. Make these modifications to protect your investment
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