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73 Amateur Radio May 1983

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73 Amateur Radio May 1983
Construct This Classic Transmitter14
From the era of the tube comes this ageless design runner-up In 73's Home-Brew II Contest. It's perfect for a flrst project or as a backup rig
Build the Revolutionary Parastat24
After some rule-bending and wire-straightening, N6LM discovered the parastat antenna It has gain when you want and a null when you don't
Talk Softly and Load a Big Stick26
Turn a six-foot stick Into an antenna that will ramrod your signal into the ether. And when you're off the air you've got a coat rack
Build This Cornerless Quad for 2 Meters30
Here's an antenna that you can cut corners on All you lose is high cost
Tuned Feeders for Oddballs38
To get that good DX you've been missing, add some versatility and multiband capability to your wire antennas
Condo Secret Agent44
The word at many condominiums is "no antennas allowed." Here's how one ham survived
Make the Icom 720A Work for You46
This rig knows when you change bands, so why not let it switch your antennas? Build this simple add-on and let your voltage do the work
The New Communications: VHF Mailboxes48
Join the growing wave of hams using digital techniques to get their message across. AF2M describes the (log) ins and outs of mailbox systems
The Morning Beverage Antenna54
If you are a coffee drinker and you work 2 meters, you'll love this antenna. W4FXE shows you how to get wide bandwidths and small size at low cost
Try Out a Low-Level Lazy Loop56
It may be only 10 feet up, but this aerial is no worm-burner. Better still, it will fit almost anywhere
Gin Pole for Peanuts58
Ever pull yourself up by the bootstraps? Build this gin pole and let it do the same for your tower
Coax Connector Workshop60
Tracking down feedline-related problems can make strong men cry. By starting out right you can avoid hassles
Make Your Noise Bridge Even Better64
Use these shortcuts for easy calibration and give your transmitter 1:1 vision
Antenna Refinishing the Easy Way70
When a vertical begins looking like a rusty downspout it's time for some maintenance. Here's how K6EW saved a hamfest special
73 Cents for a Voltage-Transient Detector83
Forget those expensive and complex Insurance policies Here's the best protection you can get-and the cheapest
Build the Armchair Satellite Tracker84
Simple and cheap, this setup will follow OSCAR around like a dog. Put it together, lean back, and let this control system do the work for you
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