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73 Amateur Radio June 1983

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73 Amateur Radio June 1983
Save Money on Used Meters19
Does it work or doesn't it? This simple tester spots real hamfest bargains
D'Arsonval Dossier20
How these meters work and how to make them work for you is no mystery. Discover the inner machinations of the D'Arsonval movement for yourself
Live, From Across America-It's Field Day!22
The Corpus Christi Amateur Radio Club had helicopter TV coverage of its activities. Club member WB4EMI unveils the secret behind their success
Construct the Cyclops Dip Meter26
W4ATE's unique single-coil design captured an Honorable Mention in 73's Home-Brew II Contest. Now you can build this award-winning circuit for yourself
Be the First on Your Block with a 2-Meter Dipole30
A few safety pins, some wire, and a little rod stock will make a portable antenna perfect for the traveling ham
Two Meters for the Price of One34
The oft-ignored shunt principle will turn an everyday junk-box meter into a surprising supermeter. The key is a piece of solder
Strangle QRM with Your TS-830s36
Simple filter modifications will help your Kenwood choke out Interference KA2R gives you the lowdown on how to do it
Smart Meters: The New Movement42
Turn your passive meters into active error-correction systems. W4RNL's innovative circuits make it a snap
A QSL Assembly Line of Your Very Own48
The problem: a stack of QSL cards as high as Mt. Everest. The solution: a program that will make your TRS-80 climb the mountain
Get Accurate with the Digital-Grid Power Meter50
Your final input power is instantly accessible with this easy add-on
Diary of a Partially-Sighted Ham54
Eyesight is not a black and white issue. Here are some tips for hams in the grey area
Hot-Spot Metering-Automatically!56
Here are money-saving designs that will let one meter do the work of several. Keep in control and keep your change, too
Build the Weather-Grabber84
Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky? With this simple converter, you can listen to National Weather Service forecasts on your 2-meter rig and find out
Kill Power-Line Interference92
You don't have to be a big-game hunter to find the source of that annoying noise. All you need 1s your rig and your good hamming habits
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