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73 Amateur Radio November 1984

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73 Amateur Radio November 1984
Color Computer SSTV: Part I0
Turn your CoCo into a complete SSTV terminal How? First, build this high resolution display system
Wrap Up TVI!26
Can you endure another evening without transmitting? Use this simple cure to choke out television interference forever
But I Know How To Solder!28
Anyone can dribble hot metal over a joint, bit it takes an artist to really solder. Are you a Picasso or a pig?
Free-Form Filter Design34
Build the ultimate audio filter: high-pass, low-pass, bandpass, notch, variable Q and cutoff frequency, all in a single circuit. Circuit? Sorry, that's a single chip!
Your Own Optoelectronic Anemometer42
Light contral and car-top calibration make this project cheap to build, easy to align, and extraordinarily accurate
Rampant RTTY50
Create the ultimate mallbox! K0WVN describes a system that operates from 45 to 1200 baud with dual shifts-automatically
Decode Soviet Space Messages53
As you read this, mysterious signals are being beamed into your shack. What do they mean? Where are they coming from? Use WD0BCI's satellite-telemetry reading program to uncover facts
The End of the Line56
What's the point of sending power up the coax if it never reaches the antenna? These tips on connector installation and care will help maximize your station's signal
A Useful Present You Can Build58
How about a high-tech holiday gift?
Ham Over Fist64
Here's a VIC-20 CW program with a twist: Its real-time display lets you watch your dits and 'dahs dance across the screen. But be forewarned-you may not like what you see!
Homemade Defroster Shutoff68
This simple gadget has nothing to do with amateur radio, but its a neat little project anyway
IC-746 Pro Ham Radio
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