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ARRL QST 1978 October

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the ARRL QST 1978 October magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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Look through the ARRL QST 1978 October magazine index for information needed for amateur radio projects and reviews.

ARRL QST 1978 October
Double Digit Damage9
A Newly Discovered Mode of VHF Propagation11
Build This Sardine Sender15
The Canadian Wonder18
A 25 KHz Calibrator for the HW-820
Build This High Performance Top Band Converter22
SSTV Pictures From Your Microcomputer25
Medium Scan Television- A New Frontier30
"Product Review: KDK FM-2015R, Say SPS-20M"31
Technical Correspondence34
How Safe Is Your Ham Shack? Part 339
A Different Kind of Courage41
You and Your Log44
Hams Five by Nine with WARC Comments46
Sweepstakes for the Little Guy48
Try a Hamfest Code Contest50
They Made It- W5OPC/Double Eagle II52
Moved and Seconded53
ASCII at Last?54
Now- There's Something You Can Do!59
QST Abbreviations94
HTX-242 Ham Radio
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Stewart Warner R113
Stewart Warner 301-A
738 Silver Marshall
IR Widget
Reading Morse Code on your PC
FCC Datbase Lookup
Pixie Transceiver
PSK31 Circuit Interface
The Iambic Mouse
MaxTrac 900 Ham Conversion
GE MVP Ham Conversion
Weather Station
ICOM OPC-478 Interface
PIC to Network
Morse Code Decoder Circuit