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Servo Magazine November 2003

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Servo Magazine November 2003
Mind Iron6
Dan Danknick
Power Challanges In "Always On" Robotics16
Roger Gilbertson
Low Cost Sound Sensor34
Paul Badger
Battery Fuel Guage38
Fernando Garcia
Night of the Living Hexapod Part 142

This autonomous robotic lifeform is the perfect platform to carry out your own experiments and explore the world of Robotics!

Karl Williams
Build A One-Pound Fighting Robot Part 252

Put the FInishing Touches on Your Mini Robot!

Patrick Campbell
The Head Tracker56

This sensor mimics the activity of our own human eyes, which move in rapid, discrete steps to take in their surroundings.

Thomas Scarborough
Neurons for Robots71
Harold Reed and Chris Hannold
What Would You Trust a Robot to do?74

Dr. Ernest Hall builds robots that learn from their mistakes. Adapt or perish!

Jeannine Gailey
IC-746 Pro Ham Radio
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Stewart Warner R113
Stewart Warner 301-A
738 Silver Marshall
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PSK31 Circuit Interface
The Iambic Mouse
MaxTrac 900 Ham Conversion
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Weather Station
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