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Everyday Practical Electronics January 2014

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the Everyday Practical Electronics January 2014 magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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Everyday Practical Electronics January 2014
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Atomic-clock accuracy... Switch to a switcher... Pi goes analogue... Happy Aniversary... Christmas inspiration

News - Barry Fox highlights technology's leading edge8

Plus everyday news from the world of electronics

2.5Ghz 12-Digit Frequency Counter with Add-On GPS Accuracy - Part 110

Superb high-resolution frequency counter that accepts 1Hz pulses from a GPS Receiver

Jim Rowe
Microchip Reader Offer21

EPE Exclusive - Win one of two MPLAB Starter Kits for PIC32MX1XX/2XX

The Champion Amplifier22

Tiny audio amplifier module that can deliver 7W peak power!

Nicholas Vinen
Techno Talk29

Boost for burglars, bad for health?

Mark Nelson
Simple 1.5A Switching Regulator30

Compact regulator board that outputs 1.2V-20V from a higher voltage DC supply at currents up to 1.5A.

Nicholas Vinen
Tech-In 201438

Part 4: Raspberry Pi and inputs from the analogue world

Mike and Richard Tooley
Pic N' Mix50

Custom-made development board

Mike Hibbett
Practically Speaking53

Capacitor overview

Robert Penfold
Circuit Surgery56

Counter subtleties

Ian Bell
Max's Cool Beans60

Consolidating around Arduino...Learning resources... LED cubes... Nanocopters and robots

Max the Magnificent
CD-ROMS for Electronics62

A wide range of CD-ROMs for hobbyists, students and engineers

Net Work65

Smarter networking... Homeplug... Interference... Help yourself! Christmas treats

Alan Winstanley
Direct Book Service68

A wide range of technical books available by mail order, plus more CD-ROMs

EPE PCB Service70

PCBs for EPE projects

HTX-242 Ham Radio
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FCC Datbase Lookup
Pixie Transceiver
PSK31 Circuit Interface
The Iambic Mouse
MaxTrac 900 Ham Conversion
GE MVP Ham Conversion
Weather Station
ICOM OPC-478 Interface
PIC to Network
Morse Code Decoder Circuit