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Radio Electronics 1985 January

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Radio Electronics 1985 January
Video Electronics8
Tomorrow's news and technology in this quickly changing industry.
David Lachenbruch
Satellite TV14
TVRO components.
Bob Cooper, Jr.
Radio-Shack Model 4 Personal Computer28
Computer Accessories P12 Power Director31
New Ideas33
Multiple-outlet control circuit.
RF Switcher41
Gets rid of your video-switching woes and that jumble of cables at the back of your set.
Bob Grossblatt
All About Thermistors47
Learn more about how thermistors work, and how they are used. This months, we'll look at the basics.
Harry L. Trietley
Atari Game Recorder51
Part 2. This month we look at the software you need to operate the game recorder.
David A. Chan and Guy Vachon
High-Power FET Audio Amplifier59
Part 2. More on this high-performance, high-fidelity FET amplifier.
Reinhard Metz
Servicing Videodisc Players63
Part 2 This month, we turn our attention to the CED system with a look at how a CED player works.
John D. Lenk
Designing with Linear IC's67
Part 8. Op-amp based sinewave, square wave, and triangular-wave generators.
Joseph J. Carr
Satellite-TV Accessories75
Add-on devices.
Marc Stern
Hobby Corner79
A versatile expansion module for your calculator.
Earl Doc Savage, K4SDS
Computer Digest82
A machine-code development system for your ZX-81, expanding the VIC-20, Building the Bio-Box, and lots more!
Communications Corner83
"Phantom" power.
Herb Friedman
State of Solid State85
Get rid of some of those house keys with an electronic lock.
Robert F. Scott
Drawing Board87
Doing division with the 4089, and more!
Designer's Notebook89
How to protect audio circuitry from overloads.
Robert Grossblatt
A look at kit building.
Jack Darr
Advertising and Sales Offices114
HTX-242 Ham Radio
Popular Callsign Lookups
for this month:


Stewart Warner R113
Stewart Warner 301-A
738 Silver Marshall
IR Widget
Reading Morse Code on your PC
FCC Datbase Lookup
Pixie Transceiver
PSK31 Circuit Interface
The Iambic Mouse
MaxTrac 900 Ham Conversion
GE MVP Ham Conversion
Weather Station
ICOM OPC-478 Interface
PIC to Network
Morse Code Decoder Circuit