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Radio Electronics 1985 February

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Radio Electronics 1985 February
Video News12
The present and future of the fast-changing video.
David Lachenbruch
Satellite TV14
A look at how LNA's have changed during the brief history of satellite TV.
Bob Cooper, Jr.
Cardco Card? Universal32
Selecting the Best Resistor Capacitor47
Finding the right value for your components is the easy part - there's a lot more to consider when choosing parts for your projects.
Victor Meeldijk
Stereo Audio for TV51
Stereo TV is here at last! Here's an in-depth look at the FCC decision on multichannel television sound and what it means.
Brian C. Fenton
Tape Streamer for Your Computer55
Can a cassette tape really be an alternative to a disk drive? This high-speed cassette interface comes close. And it works with any computer equipped with an RS-232 port!
Mike Huddleston
Servicing Videodisc Players63
Part 3. Here are some practical troubleshooting and servicing hints.
John D. Lenk
Atari Game Recorder69
Part 3. In the concluding part of this article, we give you all the construction details you'll need to record Atari videogames on audio-cassette tape.
David A. Chan and Guy Vachon
All About Thermistors73
Part 2. This month we finish our look at the basics and start to use thermistors in real circuit applications.
Harry L. Trietly
Designing with Digital IC's77
If digital logic left you behind, it's time to catch up with out new "Back-to-School" series.
Joseph J. Carr
Beckman DM10 Multimeter81
Hobby Corner82
Building a DC power supply.
Earl "Doc" Savage, K4SDS
Communications Corner84
Computers and communications.
Hugh Friedman
Computer Corner86
All about printers.
Lou Frenzel
Antique Radios88
Here's our new column!
Here's our new column!
New Ideas90
A melodious telephone ringer.
Computer Digest90
The computer on a wrist is here!
Drawing Board92
Understanding memory IC's
Robert Grossblatt
State of Solid State96
High-power FET's
Robert F. Scott
Service Clinic98
Servicing electronic test equipment.
Jack Darr
Service Questions99
Answers from Radio-Electronic's service editor.
Advertising and Sales Offices122
IC-703 Ham Radio
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