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ARRL QST 1972 January

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the ARRL QST 1972 January magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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ARRL QST 1972 January
An Easy Roll to 220 MHz11
The Macromatcher14
The Simulmonitor- A New Approach to Repeater Inputs21
A 144 MHz Amplifier Using the 887424
A Crystal Filter for the Drake R-430
A Helically Wound Vertical Antenna for the 75 Meter Band32
Simple Approach to Circuit Boards34
Why a Beam Antenna?36
The Modern Teleprinter Local Loop40
Transistors and ICs in a Phase Locked Local Oscillator43
A Simple Sweep Generator for FM Receiver Alignment48
A Universal HF Receiving Converter51
Technical Correspondence56
Recent Equipment: Dycom PSU-1358
Recent Equipment: Heath HW-10159
What You Always Wanted to Know About SSTV61
Need an Audio Filter? Use Your Head!66
The Eyes Have It68
A Daytime Supplement for NTS?71
IC-V8000 Ham Radio
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Stewart Warner R113
Stewart Warner 301-A
738 Silver Marshall
IR Widget
Reading Morse Code on your PC
FCC Datbase Lookup
Pixie Transceiver
PSK31 Circuit Interface
The Iambic Mouse
MaxTrac 900 Ham Conversion
GE MVP Ham Conversion
Weather Station
ICOM OPC-478 Interface
PIC to Network
Morse Code Decoder Circuit