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ARRL QST 1997 July

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the ARRL QST 1997 July magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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ARRL QST 1997 July
"It Seems to Us..." The ARRL: A Working Democracy9
DC Currents15

Liability protection for volunteers unexpectedly takes a hopeful turn.

Steve Mansfield, N1MZA
New Mexico Mountaintop SAR Team28

A search and rescue challange at 10,000 feet above sea level!

John Tull, KC5HXU
A Satellite Lifeline to Africa31

Amateur satellites provide a critical communication link in the remote African bush.

Douglas Stockman, N2ZYE/9G5DS
A Parallel Port Adapter for JVFAX35

Use the parallel port of your PC to tap the full potential of JVFAX software.

Grant Zehr, AA9LC
My All-Purpose Voltage Booster40

Give your batteries a voltage boost with this adjustable switching regulator.

Sam Ulbing, N4UAU
Computer Control for Mobile Ham Radio Operation44

Have palmtop, will travel! Control your mobile rig with a simple interface and software.

Arthur I. Zygielbaum, WA6SAL
The Day the US Army Invaded W4TLV48

A ham station attracts the curiosity of the US military during the Cold War - with humorous results.

Barry W. Collins, W4TLV
The Doctor is IN50

The ins and outs of loops; demystifying ATIS; checking unknown traps; arcing tuners, more!

IPhone to Isreal!52

Discover how FM repeater systems are extending their coverage from local to global.

Paul Danzer, N1II
CW With Your H-T53

With a simple oscillator circuit you can enjoy Morse practice sessions on FM!

Donald J. DuBon, N6JRL
Test Your Knowledge!55

Are you fluent in "ham speak?"

H. Ward Silver, N0AX
Two for the Price of One56

Add 6 meters to your existing HF dipole antenna.

Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Product Preview58

QST checks out five popular dual-band FM hand-helds.

Rick Lindquist, N1RL

The Dayton Hamvention and ARRL join forces for big bash in the year 2000; Dayton 1997 in brief; KB5UAC active from Mir; BS7H operation shuts down early; ITU concludes pre-WRC-97 talks; more.

Rick Lindquist, N1RL
1996 ARRL 10-Meter Contest Resutls99
Billy Lunt, KR1R
1997 ARRL UHF Contest Rules104
Billy Lunt, KR1R
IC-703 Ham Radio
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