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ARRL QST 1997 April

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Listed below is the Table of Contents for the ARRL QST 1997 April magazine. If there are any issues missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to make finding good articles easier.

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ARRL QST 1997 April
It Seems to Us... Magic9

DC Currents15

An interview with House Telecommunications Subcommittee Chairman W.J. "Billy" Tauzin; Congress takes up cellular privacy issue; Subcommittee hearing focuses on digital TV.

Steve Mansfield, N1MZA
The Radio Clubs of Hungary28

George puts on his traveling galoshes and heads for goulash country.

George Pataki, WB2AQC
A Single-Board QRP SSB Transceiver for 20 or 75 Meters29

What this little rig lacks in power, it makes up for in fun!

Dave Benson, NN1G
DTMF/LT Decoding Made Easy34

Build this compact tone decoder and "take control" of your life!

Bryan H. Suits, WB8WKN
The PortaPeater37

This weekend project records and plays 20 seconds of audio. Hook it up to an H-T and you have a nifty simplex repeater.

Jay Craswell, WB0VNE
CQ from Superfort Fifi40

A special-event station inside a World War II bomber.

Fred Tuck Jr, WD4KTI, and Al Lark, KD4SFF
Heathkit's 50th: The Green Turns to Gold42

A half-century with the wizards of Benton Harbor.

Chuck Penson, WA7ZZE
Tips on How to Break in New Coax44

Just like a pair of shoes, you have to break in new coax to get it ready for use!

Chuck Pearce, K3YWY, and Bud Ziegenfus, N3LJK
Get Ready for Phase 3D! Part 245

Part 4 - Meet the 10-GHz Supersatellite.

Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and Zack Lau, W1VT
Operating from Ground Zero48

A taste of what it's like to operate from the center of a Cold War bullseye.

J. Lee Baker, WK3U
The Doctor is IN50

Truckers on packet; catching the band openings on 6 meters, another FM repeater in space; power limitations on 10 meters; more!

Me? Operate W1AW?52

Facing your fears at the most famous Amateur Radio station on earth!

James David Peach, KE4ROB
Transatlantic Multimode Experience53

Sailing the North Atlantic and using ham radio to stay in touch with the folks back home.

Al Bishop, VE1MDD
A Fun Filled Morning with Ham Radio55

A lot can happen between sunrise and your last cup of coffee.

Arthur R. Lee, WF6P
The Phonetic Dilemma56

The Origins of the on-the-air alphabet we all know and love.

Lee Aurick, W1SE
Test Your Knowledge!57

Get reacquanted with Part 97.

H. Ward Silver, N0AX
Morse at the Movies58

Morse code at the flicks - sometimes good, sometimes gibberish.

Donald Cox, AA3EK
Product Review59

QST scrutinizes the Tasco TSC-70U SSTV system, the ICOM R-8500 communications receiver, the TigerTronics BayPac BP-2M multimode modem, and the Alpha-Delta variable-response console.

Rick Lindquist, N1RL

ARRL opposes little LEO efforts ro include 219 to 225 Mhz; Ham radio loses its leading lady; YLRL founder Ethel Smith, K4LMB; FCC resumes vanity processing; Permission granted for Linenger to ham it up for Mir; WRTC-2000 to be held in Slovenia; more...

Rick Lindquist, N1RL
1997 IARU HF World Championship Rules100
Billy Lunt, KR1R
Straight Key Night 1996101
Al Brogdon, W1AB
The 1996 ARRL 160-Meter Contest Results102
Billy Lunt, Kr1R
IC-V8000 Ham Radio
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