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  • TH-D7AG
  • Dual band with TNC, 200 memory channels, 16 backlit keys, CTCSS, water resistant

  • TH-F6A
  • Tri-Band HT, CTCSS, DCS squelch, battery charging system, visual scan, 3 call channels, weather station mode, backlit, AM aircraft receive, VOX, TOT

  • TH-G71A
  • Mil-spec dual, 6W, FTP download, 200 memory channels, DTMF memory, scan, CTCSS

  • TH-K2AT
  • Mil-spec 2m HT, 5 watts RF output, backlit, weather alert, scan, DCS, VOX, CTCSS, tone burst

  • TM-271A
  • 2m mobile, 60W output, weather alert, 200 memory channels, 1 call channel, scan, CTCSS & DCS, TCXO

  • TM-D700A
  • Dual with TNC, cell blocked, 200 memory channels, scan, built-in HF, CTCSS, squelch, cross-band repeater operation, back-lit alphanumeric microphone,

  • TM-V7A
  • Dual Tx,Rx, blue LCD panel, programmable memory, visual scan with pause, CTCSS, duplexer

  • TS-2000S
  • HF, 6, 2, 70, antenna tuner, DSP, TNC, built-in RS-232 port

  • TS-2000X
  • HF, 6, 2, 70,1.2G, antenna tuner, DSP, TNC, built-in RS-232 port

  • TS-480HX
  • HF/6m 200 watts, noise reduction, TX/RX equalizer, AF filters, speaker, backlit keys, scan

  • TS-480SAT
  • 100 watt version of TS-480HX above, with built-in antenna tuner

  • TS-50S
  • Discontinued October 2005

  • TS-570D/G
  • HF with DSP, keyer, antenna tuner, beat cancel, CW auto-tune, large LCD

  • TS-570S/G
  • HF + 6M & DSP, keyer, antenna tuner, beat cancel, CW auto-tune, large LCD

  • TS-B2000
  • Computer control HF, 6, 2, 70

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