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  • DJ-196T
  • Econo 2m HT, 5 watt output, 40 memory channels, CTCSS/DCS, MARS capable, theft alarm

  • DJ-296T
  • 220 MHz HT, 4.5 watt/ 5 watt, 160 memory channels, CTCSS/DCS tone bursts, theft alarm

  • DJ-596T
  • Econo Dual HT, 5watt output, 100 memory channels, cross band split operation, CTCSS/DCS, tone bursts

  • DJ-C5T
  • HT Dual band micro transceiver, credit card sized, 50 memory channels, CTCSS, squelch, scan

  • DJ-C7T
  • Handheld Dual band micro transceiver, credit card sized, 300 channels, VHF/UHF, CTCSS

  • DJ-V5EH
  • Handheld With 800 cell Rx, 6 watts output, 200 memory channels, CTCSS, MARS capable

  • DR-1200T / TH2
  • VHF FM Data (Packet) Radio, 14 Multi-Funtion Memory Channels,25W Output, 4 Scanning Modes, 1200/2400(T)/9600(TH2) bps,Packet Radio

  • DR-135TPG
  • Mobile 2m with TNC, 100 memory channels, 50 watt, CTCSS/DCS, theft alarm

  • DR-235TG
  • 220 MHz mobile, 100 memory channels, 25 watt, CTCSS/DCS, tone burst, theft alarm

  • DR-435TG
  • 440 MHz mobile, 100 memory channels, 35 watt, CTCSS/DCS, tone burst, theft alarm

  • DR-605TQ
  • Dual band mobile, 100 memories, cross band operation, built-in antenna duplexer, scan, CTCSS, squelch

  • DR-620TQ
  • Dual, detachable face, 200 memories, VHF- 50/10/5watt, UHF- 35/10/5watt, internal duplexer, CTCSS/DCS, TOT, theft alarm

  • DR-635T/E
  • VHF+UHF transceiver, 200 memories, cross-band repeater, full duplex, CTCSS, DCS, tone bursts, expanded receive range, theft alarm, built-in antenna du

  • DR-M06T
  • 6m mobile, 20 watt, 100 memories, CTCSS, TOT

  • DX-70TH
  • HF + 6m, detachable face, 100 memories, 2 VFO's, CTCSS, squelch, RF gain

  • DX-77T
  • Amateur HF transceiver, all mode, 2 VFO's, DDS, CTCSS, squelch, scan, RF gain, MARS capable

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