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CW Morse Code Procedure Signals

Signal Meaning or Usage Example
CQ A general call that indicates you are inviting anyone who is hearing you to answer you. CQ CQ CQ DE KC2NDA KC2NDA K
R I received your transmission perfectly. Do not send R if you didn't copy everything. Don't be redundant and say R, I COPIED YOU SOLID. KB2PQE DE KC2NDA R FB ON UR .........
BT Break in text. Used as a separator between thoughts or a pause. Also something good to send when your mind goes blank or you are talking to someone in your shack, etc. WX IS CLDY BT AGE HR IS ....
AR End of message. Use when you are through sending info, and turning it over to the station you are working. Also used when answering a CQ. blah, blah, blah, hw? AR KB2PQE DE KC2NDA K. - or - To answer KB2PQE's CQ, KB2PQE DE KC2NDA AR
SK Used like AR, but only for your very last transmission TNX NICE CHAT 73 CUL GE SK KB2PQE DE KC2NDA K
BK An invitation for the other station to break in immediately with an answer or comment. The other station may answer immediately after the BK is sent - do not say BK KB2PQE DE KC2NDA K just BK, then KB2PQE will answer your question or comment. (KC2NDA SAYS) WHAT IS UR RIG? BK - - - - (KB2PQE ANSWERS) RIG HR IS .......
K Go ahead. Used to tell the station you are working you expect him to transmit now. Use after a CQ to invite someone to answer you. Do not use K after you answer someone's CQ since you don't know he is going to answer you, use AR. HW? AR KB2PQE DE KC2NDA K
KN Go ahead, specific station only. No breakers are currently welcome. Used same as K when you only want to talk to one other station. Never use after a CQ unless you are not wanting anyone to answer you. HW? AR KB2PQE DE KC2NDA KN
CL I am now shutting down my station completely. Use when you are completely done transmitting, and about to pull the big switch. This is a signal that you are not listening to any more calls. TNX NICE CHAT 73 CUL GE SK KB2PQE DE KC2NDA CL

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