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Welcome to the Ham Radio website for the Amateur Radio enthusiast. You will find ham radio mods, circuits to build, how to manuals, fun projects to try, and you will be able to read and share your experiences with the world. Come join us and contribute your experiences about your electronic projects and radio communications. This website is here for your heightened experience and is growing very fast. If you have a project you would like us to feature, please contact us.
Thanks and enjoy!


HamRadio.cc, the authors and/or members are not responsible for any damage resulting in any knowledge acquired by this site. If in doubt about anything, ask someone qualified to help. Using or following any content contained within this site may cause equipment or bodily harm.

American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources
  • More Than 300 Amateur Radio Volunteers Support 2014 Boston Marathon
  • HAARP-Like Ionospheric Research Project Underway at Arecibo Observatory
  • Padraig Lysandrou, KC9UUS, is Goldfarb Scholarship Winner
  • Texas Radio Amateur Gives Up License As Part of Enforcement Action Settlement
  • Amateur Radio Volunteers Supporting Communication at 118th Boston Marathon
  • W1AW Centennial Operations Shift to New Jersey and New Hampshire on April 23 (UTC)
  • KickSat Has Been Deployed in Low-Earth Orbit
  • Puerto Rico Amateur Radio Volunteers Take Part in Tsunami Preparedness Exercise
  • The K7RA Solar Update
  • Amateur Radio Volunteers Provide Critical Support for 30th Challenge Cup Relay
  • W1AW/x Portable Operations, W100AW, and W1HQ Can QSL via Bureau
  • World Amateur Radio Day is Friday, April 18
  • Deadline is May 1 to Apply for ARRL Teachers Institute
  • Gear Up Now for ARRL Field Day 2014!
  • Today‚Äôs National Hurricane Conference Amateur Radio Workshops Being Streamed Live

  • Icom 7800 Ham Radio

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