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Amateur Radio Callsign FCC Database Lookup

12/1/2004 8:35PM - The database finished with 612,424 Callsign entries. WOW! With that many Hams, we could have one big pork roast! - Bad Joke :) As for the time, I am sure it was atleast a little over an hour to finish. The interface has been created to query and view the callsigned data. Now to transfer the data from the beta server to the production server; this will take quite some time for that many records. It has reached 113,532 records within a little over 2 hours. This isn't happening anytime soon,,, Time for bed!

12/1/2004 2:35AM - One of the current projects consists of creating a MySQL database of Amateur Ham CallSigns. This database will be automatically updated weekly. The interface has been made, the testing has now begun.

So far, the database update has been running for 20 minutes and it is up to 400,000 call signs! I can't wait to see how long this will take! I can only estimate since it is way past my bed time and I am not sure how many calls signs are in there... The next step is to speed the process up, which will take more time and processing power...

12/12/2004 9:35PM - Since I designed the database a little different then the way the FCC had designed theirs, it was taking too long to parse the data into one table. Finally, I threw my arms up with the new database design and decided to keep their monsterous mess. I created the tables and re-wrote the parser to complete the task. It is now updating the new database online as I type. I am sure it will take the rest of the evening to complete the transactions. The database lookup will be a little slower with their design, but atleast it will be quicker to do the daily updates. Thought for the day; Time vs. Storage is a never ending problem...

12/15/2004 1:35AM - I added all 60 FCC tables into HamRadio.CC's database. The Amateur part supposedly only uses 8 of them. I rewrote the parser and reimported all of the data. It took 18 Minutes to import 620,685 records, now that's record time! :) Now making sense of all of this will be the trick! - KC2NDA

5/11/2005 12:15AM - Well, I finally rewrote the Parser, ONCE AGAIN, using a Shell Script. I Removed all records from the database and started fresh. The original (full database) only took 15 seconds to become up-to-date! Record time for sure! A simple Cron job will run the script which will download the daily updates automatically and store them in the tables at high noon each day. (The daily updates only take 2 seconds to complete.) I rewrote the Callsign Lookup to accomodate the new changes. As for now, this project had been completed! - KC2NDA

1/8/2007 12:43AM - Added two additions/tables to the callsign lookup. Now it will show the local weather of the callsign if it is available, and their census statistics! - There are a few additions that could be made for more accuracy, but not bad for starters... - KC2NDA

1/27/2007 2:05AM - I Fixed the proximity airport algorithm. It will now pull the closet airport via longitude/latitude based on the callsign's zipcode. - KC2NDA

10/25/2008 11:35PM - After all the complaints that callsigns were not showing up and data was wrong, I found that the FCC changed their ftp locations. Well, of course the scripts run EVERY night but I suppose I need to hack in some error checking. The site hasn't updated the callsign list for a while... I re-merged all data from the NEW fcc data location and updated the locations in the scripts. On to the next project. - KC2NDA

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