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General Electric Custom MVP Ham Conversion

10/1/2005 - After helping a friend clean and bring things to the local dump, I was able to obtian this interesting radio. After the 5th time to the dump that day, I asked the attendant what that radio was sitting on their porch. She said, "OH, That... Well some man dropped it off saying that it still worked and he felt bad throwing it out...and that you could talk to lots of people with it..." 8) I asked what was going to happen to it. She noticed that I was interested, and asked if I wanted it. "Sure", I replied. So I guess this was my reward for the service I rendered that day! (Offering service to people in need will pay off, trust me!) - KC2NDA

General Electric Custom MVP
General Electric Custom MVP - Comb: CT35AAS88BL

The G.E. Custom MVP is a crystal-controlled commercial two-way transceiver closely related to the Mastr II and Mastr Executive II series. Compared to the other two models, the MVP is the smallest of the 3 measuring only 3.5" H x 8.4" W x 11" D, including all projections & heatsink on the 35 watt model. The UHF MVP typically comes in a 20 or 35 watt model. While there are a few low-split models floating around, you're most likely to find the 450-470 MHz model at your favorite hamfest or surplus (last 2 numbers of the model # are 88). The 66 suffix model is spec'd for 150.8-174 MHz but will tune down to the 2 meter band without modification.

This unit is also combined with a Model 37 RepeaterMan: The RepeaterMan is ideal for any radio system requiring repeater control for one or two user groups. It converts any duplex capable radio into a repeater and is an excellent method of creating a CTCSS controlled repeater from two mobile radios. It includes carrier repeat control, programmable courtesy beeps, system timers and remote programming.
2 field-programmable CTCSS tones
Remote programming via DTMF
May be installed on existing single-user repeater
Can create a repeater out of a full-duplex-capable radio
RepeaterMan Spec Sheet

IC-703 Ham Radio
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