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11/1/2005 - ICOM has created a way to program and clone their radios. Using a OPC-478 cable and their software is all you need. This doesn't seem like it would be very useful at first. But if you hate to program your radios, then this is a great way to easily see what frequencies you have programmed into the radio, the pl tones, and all necessary channels. I found a good circuit online, however it left me high-and-dry with how to connect it to the radio. Some more research needed to be made. - KC2NDA

11/2/2005 - The circuit layout was made in Photoshop, and printed on the special heat transfer paper (This paper can be found at www.techniks.com.) Circuit was etched and drilled (I like to use dental drills with my dremel tool to drill the holes in the boards.). - KC2NDA

11/3/2005 - As parts were added, I noticed the problems with my Photoshopped circuit. I re-designed the circuit for the next board I need to make. I will add the image of the circuit for your use. I completed the circuit and tested it with a ICOM W32A HT. (You need the special software for each radio, you must see ICOM for the software.)- KC2NDA

12/20/2006 - Finally got a chance to post a picture of the bottom of the circuit.

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