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PSK31 Schematic
Computer/Radio Interface

PSK31 is a great way to use the computer to communicate over the Ham Radio. This circuit was built using the "Manhattan Style" construction. My first time using this type of curcuit style. It looks very messy when done, but it is very easy to put together. I haven't finished the PTT (push to talk) circuit yet, but pushing the transmit button is easy enough to do when transmitting. I made my first contact to N9RPN. - KC2NDA

Click here for Manhatten Style PSK31 Ciruit used in this project
Click here for picture slideshow

3/13/2005 - The bigger transformer was moved to tighten the circuit to allow the board to be cut to size. The dimensions of the circuit board is 1 5/8" x 2 1/8". This allows the circuit board to fit nicely in a Radio Shack enclosure (Part#: 270-1802). Holes were drilled in the sides to allow for microphone and phono jacks. The phono jacks were pulled from an old modem, these holes were dilled with a 15/64 drill bit. The microphone was pulled from an old Uniden Power Supply (this was a rare find) and the hole was drilled with a 5/8 drill bit. (Pictures for this are coming soon) - KC2NDA

IC-703 Ham Radio

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