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6/5/2005 - This project was taken from a 73 Amateur Radio Today (February 1995) magazine article. The program was written in GWBASIC and I am in the process of rewriting the code in Visual Basic for an updated Windows version (GWBASIC, WOW, talk about antique!) W6PRO is the original Author. Hats off to him for the nice job!

2/17/2006 - Well, I lost the article I had a week later, and have not been able to find it. I think my dog ate it! This project will resume once I can get my hands on the article. If anyone has this article and would be willing to email it to us, that would be great!

5/6/2012 - Thanks to all who have emailed me the February 1995 article for this. The decoder circuit has been built and instead of visual basic, I decided to re-create this project using an FPGA and VHDL. The original circuit has been modified a bit to allow for frequency adjustment incase you are not using a radio to tune to the correct frequency. You can follow this project here.<click here for the FPGA/VHDL morse code decoder project>- KC2NDA

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